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full production services

full production services

We are a one stop shop for managing and servicing your production. Whether it be a feature, commercial, corporate or TV series we can handle all aspects of the production from local casting, crewing up, hiring equipment, location scouting, permits and general production management from concept to delivery. 


budgeting &

We offer a professional budget and scheduling service for your production here in Portugal. 

This will involve assessing every detail which could impact the cost of your project. Once done we put the breakdown into a shooting schedule and generate the reports so we can accurately budget your project. From there we will create the full detailed budget based on our production experience. The budget will be created in either Movie Magic or Excel.




We also help you reduce production costs by enabling attractive tax credits offering up to a 30% rebate on your production spend. Criteria as below :


  • Minimum Qualified Portuguese production expenses (QPPE) : 500 000€ for fiction ( Tv series & Feature Films)  & animation.

  • Minimum Qualified Portuguese production expenses (QPPE) : 250 000€ for documentaries & post production.

  • Cash rebate of 25% or 30% from  80%  QPPE  if Project is all done in Portugal.

  • Up to 100%  of QPPE if  project budget incorporates Portuguese and EU suppliers.

  • QPPE  considered net of 23% Vat

  • Up to a grant of €4M per project.

  • ATL  expenses can’t exceed 35% of QPPE

  • Supported VAT reimbursement if project & services are invoiced / exported outside Portugal.

  • An SPV or Itchy Fish (PT) can apply for Cash Rebate Incentive Program.

  • First come , first served basis.


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