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TJ Herbert

TJ Herbert is an award winning Producer/Actor and Entrepreneur. He began his career some 25 years ago working in production on numerous TV commercials and music videos. Having also founded two FMCG brands of his own he is in the somewhat unique position working with advertising agencies as both the brand owner as well as in a client servicing capacity.


He also has a number of film and tv credits to his name including Break starring Rutger Hauer and Sam Gittins, The Bromley Boys starring Alan Davies and Martine MacCutcheon and A Dark Reflection starring Marina Sirtis and Stephen Tomkinson. 

The Bromley Boys which TJ produced with Dean received international critical acclaim reaching Number 4 in the Amazon Bestsellers Chart and Number 1 in the same Comedy Chart. The film was officially selected for many festivals picking up best feature film at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival. The film was self-distributed in the UK and consequently recognised at the Screen Awards for Best Distribution Strategy. The Bromley Boys is now available in over 40 countries worldwide including USA, China and Scandinavia.

He currently has various of projects in development including an innovative interactive feature film based on Jack The Ripper. 


He has been visiting Portugal for the past 20 years and now resides in Lagos, Western Algarve and has a thorough knowledge of both the Algarve region and Portugal as a whole. 


Dean Fisher

Dean Fisher, a seasoned film producer with a two-decade-long career, has left an indelible mark on the film industry through his passion for storytelling and diverse cinematic experiences. Over the years, Dean has successfully produced fifteen feature films and numerous short form productions, showcasing his talent and versatility.

Dean's journey as a producer began in 2006 with the cult hit "Night Junkies," setting the stage for future successes. His second feature film, "City Rats," achieved remarkable success in the UK, reaching the top three upon its 2009 release by Revolver Entertainment. The film garnered critical acclaim with screenings at prestigious events like Slamdance and the East End Film Festival, earning it a coveted BVA award.


Premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival, Dean's third feature film, "Stormhouse," made an impact at Scream Fest and Frightfest before being distributed by Lionsgate in 2012. Dean continued his streak with hit films, including the crime thriller "Interview with a Hitman" and the gripping boxing thriller "The Man Inside."


His expertise in diverse genres is evident in ventures like the Urban Comedy "It's a Lot" and the highly acclaimed romantic comedy "One Crazy Thing." The latter premiered at the Arclight Cinema and featured as the centerpiece film at the Indian Festival of Los Angeles.


In 2016, "The Bromley Boys," Dean's ninth feature film, received global recognition, securing distribution on platforms like Sky and Netflix in the UK. The heartwarming tale premiered at Wembley Stadium before its theatrical release.


Dean's commitment to innovation was evident in 2019 when he produced "Break," featuring the legendary Rutger Hauer. The film made history as the first-ever drive-in premiere during the lockdown, showcasing Dean's ability to navigate challenges while delivering a compelling cinematic experience.


In 2021, Dean achieved success with two distinct films. "The Stranger In Our Bed," a gripping thriller, received widespread acclaim upon its release by Showtime in the US and Signature in the UK. It earned the Best Thriller award at the National Film Awards in 2023. Additionally, the powerful drama "Bolan's Shoes" received critical acclaim with a release on 100 screens.


In 2022, Dean co-produced the thrilling hijack drama "97 Minutes," starring Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Myanna Buring, achieving global success with theatrical releases in the US and the UK


As of 2023, Dean continues to impress with projects like "Trial In The Trenches," a gripping WW1 drama featuring Bradley James and Sir Tony Robinson. Additionally, the psychological horror "I Live Here Now," directed by Julie Pacino, demonstrates Dean's commitment to producing thought-provoking films.


In between feature films, Dean has worked on short form commercials for renowned clients such as Mattillion, Che Banca, Genie Jobs, Amazon, Redbull Racing, Microsoft, EA Sports, BT Sport / Just Eat, Sony BNG, 888, Grants Whiskey & Harry Potter Lego. 


His journey as a film producer showcases his dedication to bringing compelling narratives to life. With fifteen feature films and counting, Dean Fisher's future in the film industry looks promising as he continues to captivate audiences worldwide.



Harry Klunder, based in the Algarve , has been working in the photo- and film industry since 1976. He is an international production manager for film, television, documentary, music and commercial productions. Previously Harry owned/founded Gibraltar based film production company P.A. Produc4on Services Ltd. 


Since then he has worked on a broad and diverse portfolio of work from international commercials, feature films , TV series and Streaming productions such as the first episode of Amazon's "The Grand Tour" (2015) , the Netflix series "The Disappearance of Madeline Mc Cann" (2019), Feature films "That Good Night", starring John Hurt (2016), "Mrs.Willoughby" (2019) , "Mr. Mayfair" (2019) , "There's always Hope" starring Colme Meaney (2020) and Paramount Picture's "The Infernal Machine" starring Guy Pearce (2021) His client/brand portfolio includes among many others: Philips DAP Worldwide, Lamborghini, Audi, KLM, Disney Ferrari, Apple TV, Toyota, Google, Vogue, Volkswagen and National Geographic.

After the termination of PA Production Services in Gibraltar he started the Production Company World Production Fixers SL in Spain. During the last 5 years he’s completed a range of varied international production services for film by signing joint-venture contracts with existing local film production companies in Portugal, Jordan, and South Africa. In 2019 he was one of the co-founders of a film production company in the Maldives , Film Production Fixers LLP.


Bill Hanks

Bill Hanks is a seasoned Line Producer boasting an impressive 25-year career in the film industry, with a remarkable portfolio of over 200 productions filmed in Portugal. His journey began as a diligent Production Assistant, steadily advancing through the ranks to attain roles as a proficient Production Manager and, ultimately, a highly skilled Line Producer.

With an extensive footprint covering the entire landscape of Portugal, from the northern reaches to the southern expanse, Bill has left his mark on diverse genres and scenarios, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in the dynamic world of film production.


Throughout his career, Bill Hanks has collaborated with a prestigious roster of clients, including global brands such as Nike, Samsung, Jaguar, ABN AMRO, VW, Heineken, Ferrari, and Hi Tech. His commitment to delivering excellence has consistently earned him the trust and partnership of these industry giants.


His dedication to the craft is not only reflected in his extensive experience but also in the numerous successful projects that bear his mark.


For a glimpse into a small portion of what Bill has had a hand in producing check out some of his notable works:

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